Workplace Culture At World Challenge Expedition Pty Ltd Essay

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Month 1 - Workplace Culture
I managed to have my placement at World Challenge Expedition Pty Ltd, which is a travel company. The person who conduct my introduction during orientation day is my manager, Joanne Zhong. She is my supervisor and also program mentor throughout this placement process.
Joanne introduced me to everyone in the office on my first day. We walked around the whole office, as she explained to me about the location of each room, and also appliances that is available for me to use in the office’s public spaces. After that, she leads me to another casual staff who is working as a business analyst in the finance team to teach me, and her name is Vicky. Vicky has been advised to teach me on how to do my daily routine. Starting from first task to the final one on the internship manual. She explained to me what to do and what not to do, and all steps in generating different sales reports. She reminded me what reports that I need to take care of. About the Process & Procedures, I was given an internship manual handbook to read, including every steps of routine that I must follow to get my work done. It is included in my Job Scope, such as daily payment allocation and daily reconciliation.
For OH&S, Joanne did mention some about the location, but not much. Everyone in finance team are helpful and friendly.
The company is young and vibrant, due to the nature of the business itself. One of the workplace culture is that, there is no dress code in the…

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