Essay about Working With Tsuleff As A Business Friend

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Working with Tsuleff as his business friend I have to come up with prospecting methods for our new product line. Right off the bat I know that cold calling or showing up unannounced to persons business or house will not work (Ingram, T, 2011). The only way this method could work is if we had a referral in our case we do not. Another way this method may work is being introduced to the prospect, and we have not been. Now that I have crossed out one method I can look at other methods of prospecting. After thoroughly looking over each of the methods I have chosen to go with company records, and simmers. Company records will allow us to go through previous clients to find out why they have not ordered from us lately (Ingram, T, 2011). By calling each of these clients, we can create a relationship with them again. We can find out why they felt the spaghetti sauce or barbecue sauce was no longer working for them. We can then help fix the issue to gain their trust back. If it were the flavor of the sauces, we could always try a new recipe made just for that client. If they are using it in a restaurant business and they say, it was too pricey we could find a discount for them since they buy in bulk.
Seminars are also a great way to gain prospects, you already know that these people are here because they are interested in what you have to offer (Morford, N, 2013, November 6). During the seminar, you should educate your potential prospects about why your product is better than…

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