Working with Parents or Carers and Colleagues in School Essay

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University of Brighton
School of Education
SEND Pre-Course Task 4: Working with parents / carers and colleagues in school

How to use these materials
This unit is an introduction to a key area of your course and will help you in maintaining an environment where all learners are included. The tasks provide some of the key information on current policy, theory and practice that you will be required to engage with through your course of study and professional practice. Take a critical and evaluative attitude as you engage with each of these self-study tasks, annotating and keeping relevant notes which will later contribute towards your professional development profile. Bear in mind that the issues and strategies of inclusion are an
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* Record any issues you consider particularly important for partnership with parents/carers in relation to a pupil with SEN. Records any issues you consider particularly important for partnership with parents / carers in relation to a pupil with SEN and / or disabilities that you know or have encountered during your school placement.

Parental responsibility
Paragraphs 2:4 and 2:5 of the code define parental responsibility. “‘Parental responsibility’ means the duties, rights and authority that a parent has in respect of a child.” Throughout the code, the term ‘parents’ is taken to include all those with parental responsibility, including ‘corporate’ parents and carers. There have been some developments in relation to the law on parental responsibility since the SEN Code of Practice was published. The current position is that if the parents of a child are married to each other, or they have jointly adopted a child, they both have parental responsibility. This is not automatically the case for unmarried parents. According to current law, a mother always has parental responsibility for her child. A father, however, has this responsibility only if he is married to the mother or has acquired legal responsibility for his child through one of three routes: * by jointly registering

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