Working Through Grief and Loss Essay

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Research Review: Working Through Grief and Loss

Research Review: Working Through Grief and Loss: Oncology Nurses Perspectives on Professional Bereavement
By: Lara Grinceri, RN
Grand Canyon University

The purpose of this article is to look at the role of Professional Oncology Nurse, their obstacles to care, in terms of grief and loss, and determine possible supportive interventions. [ (Jennifer Wenzel, 2011) ] As the oncology patient population continues to grow, so does the demand for experienced, expertly trained oncology nurses. The role of the oncology nurse is challenged by many outside forces, such as increased workloads, heightened patient acuity and complexity, and repeated contacts with suffering patients
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[ (Jennifer Wenzel, 2011) ]. The study took place at a comprehensive National Cancer Institute-designated cancer center of a mid-Atlantic university teaching hospital. The study involved interviewing a total of 34 oncology nurses, from both inpatient and outpatient settings, and pediatric and adult clinical practices. The sampling of nurses was placed into focus groups to encourage open discussion, observe strategic planning, and collaborative interaction of the groups. Participation in the groups was purely voluntary. Each focus group contained 4 to 8 nurses from varied age ranges, skill levels and professional oncology settings, to ensure the data collected represented the full nursing spectrum. The groups were consented, and assigned a facilitator who provided the groups with 3 discussion questions: (1) describe a patient situation in which they experienced either grief or a sense of loss, (2) describe what was helpful in managing the bereavement issue, (3) describe what you believe would be the essential components of a program to help nurses in a similar situation. [ (Jennifer Wenzel, 2011) ]. Each discussion session lasted approximately 45-minutes, and was recorded for later review.

The study yielded to main themes: dimensions of work-related loss, and working through bereavement (relationship/resources). The dimensions of work-related loss were broken down into smaller headings

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