Working Right After The First World War Ended Essay

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Working right after the first World War ended, Hannah Höch created the collage Das schöne Mädchen [The Beautiful Girl] in 1920. She was a member of the Berlin Dada group who specialized in collage. The specific collage in question depicts key aspects of femininity—hairstyles, fashion, and lace-work—alongside working machinery from the time. The collage is made up of photographs and advertisements cut and overlapping each other, combining visuals into a cohesive statement. The materials of the collage are typical of Hannah Höch’s work from this time period as she was one of the originators of fotomontage.
Taking up most of the picture space sits a giant head of hair missing its face, only showing the hairstyle. Where the face would be is a photo of a type of dull-red fire extinguisher, all discernable words hidden by the hairline of the hairstyle. To the right of this is the only actual human face present in the piece, a paler photo of a woman’s face with one eye covered by a slightly larger eyeball and the other nearly hidden behind the logo for the BMW car company. Located underneath the face is a hand with softly cut fingernails, most likely a woman’s, holding a pocket watch with its hands pointing to 11:13. More BMW logos seem to rain from this hand into the rest of the picture space, yet they are confined within a rectangular space to allow the collage to have a border.
The border of the collage is yellowing paper nearly the same color as all of the photos and…

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