Working Relationships : A Middle Flies, Middle Bees, And Victims

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Working Relationships
It is estimated that fifty-eight percent of workplace aggressors are females and they usually prey on other females a majority of the time (Crothers et al., 2009, p. 101-102). Women have a fear of being rejected by their colleagues so they go out of their way to avoid disagreements or conflicts resulting in surface relationships where they cannot be their genuine selves (Crothers et al., 2009, p. 104). The actors of aggression can be classified into three categories: queen bees, middle bees, and victims. A queen bee is described as a female that is always protecting her status in her interactions with other females, allowing her to be able to be the first to attack should a threat be recognized (Culver, 2007, p. 164). A middle bee is described as a female that is subtle in how she relays her feelings. Most of the time she is caught between wanting to be the aggressor and wanting to be a passive participant (Culver, 2007, p. 164). The victim is a female that wants to build a relationship that will help and not hurt her, but she does not have the confidence and becomes an easy target for the others (Culver, 2007, p. 164). The victim will also turn on her status peers if it will help improve her position with members of a higher status, thus the aggressive behaviors have a trickle down and cyclical effect (Mavin, 2008, p. S82).
Vecchio (2000) defines employee jealousy as a series of emotions, behaviors and thoughts that come about from the loss of…

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