Working Relationship Between Imaging Professional And Patient

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A sonographer has many on the job responsibilities, some legally required and others which are ethical in nature and are only really required in so far as it makes the sonographer better at their job. The legal requirements provide a regulated barrier for both patient and sonographer. The ethical requirements give a framework for good standard of care so that there may be a working relationship between imaging professional and patient. Thus both are extremely important and necessary for the success of the sonographer.
The legal requirements of a sonographer provide a barrier by maintaining safety, privacy, and autonomy of a patient. Furthermore, they also protect the sonographer in that if the sonographer follows these requirements to the letter, then it is much more difficult to find them guilty of misconduct. Regarding safety, the first, and I feel most important, law is that regulated by JCAHO regarding correctly identifying a patient. This measure states that, “Use at least two patient identifiers when administering medications, blood, or blood components; when collecting blood samples and other specimens for clinical testing; and when providing treatments or procedures. The patient 's room number or physical location is not used as an identifier. (See also MM.05.01.09, EPs 8 and 11; NPSG.01.03.01, EP 1)” JCAHO notes, “The intent for this goal is two-fold: first, to reliably identify the individual…

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