Working On The Big Rock Brewery Project Essay

1798 Words Mar 27th, 2016 null Page
Working on the Big Rock Brewery project provided me with a great opportunity to apply both tangible and intangible knowledge obtained through the MBA program into a practical scenario. This enabled me to understand and witness how much I have grown and developed on a professional level during my past two years in the program. Prior to completing this project, most of the skills and knowledge obtained through the program was generally applied to various cases which included historical and hypothetical scenarios. Because the project associated with Big Rock Brewery revolved around a stagnated and highly competitive beer industry that the company is currently experiencing, the project forced me to continuously consider all the variables involved in a strategic plan. It allowed me to experience and consider firsthand the importance of the practicality of a strategic recommendation and the subsequent implementation plan. In terms of working on the project, I was fortunate to work with effective team members that I have previously worked with in past MBA projects/courses. Despite some issues and challenges that presented itself during the process of completing this project, overall I am generally satisfied with the end result. One of the biggest challenges that the group faced was during the beginning phases when we were unable to decide what project we wanted to pursue as a group. This issue arose simply because the group consisted of five team members. Although I have…

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