Essay about Working On A Group Project

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When working on a group project, there are certain skills that are required to make sure that the tasks are being carried out smoothly. With that in mind, it is critical to keep an open line of communication as well as an understanding of the other individuals in the group. The following scenario is of a group project I was a part of that had a breakdown in the two points expressed above. A week before the project deadline, the project leader was under the impression that one of our members had not completed a specific task in the allotted time agreed upon during a group conversation carried out on our online group chat. As a result, the project leader personally confronted the member and began questioning the group member. The project leader made some statements about being disappointed in the member not being able to get the part done on time. In addition, he also exclaimed that the member did not care or put any effort into the project. The member then replied by noting that the group message had stated the date of the same day but for the next week. Now upset, the group member stormed out and refused to talk to the project leader.

In this situation there were two key mistakes made by the project leader. In modern society, one of the biggest innovations is the use of technology to communicate. While this advancement provides a quicker and more accessible form of communication, it may not be the most effective. Particularly in this case, the project leader…

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