Working Girl, By Mike Nichols Essay

1165 Words Nov 19th, 2015 null Page
It is not uncommon to hear the statement, “it is a man’s world”, in this day and age. With men generally making more than women and filling more of the top CEO and executive positions at large companies it could sometimes seem as though this statement is very true. Many political feminist activists work hard to create an equal playing field for women in the business world. In Mike Nichols’ 1988 film Working Girl, the statement “it is a man’s world” and the overall social norm/cultural value of women being inferior to men in the workplace is challenged by the protagonist Tess McGill in many different ways. The cultural values of competition, hard work ethics and romantic love are also shown throughout the course of the film. In the film, Working Girl, Tess McGill does whatever she can to work her way up the ladder of the business world as a woman as she challenges many different social norms and cultural values. In the film Working Girl, Tess McGill is employed as the typical ambitious secretary working for a man. From day one, the audience knows that Tess wants to rise above her position as a meager secretary. She describes herself as having, “a head for business and a bod’ for sin”. She has ideas and ambitions and she is not afraid to show it. Early in the movie her boss, an average every day white business man, blows off her ideas but tells her that another executive wants to have a meeting with her to hear them. This so called “meeting” turns into her being disrespected…

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