Working For Nothing : Office Space Movie Critique Essay

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Working for Nothing: Office Space Movie Critique
Psychology is the study of individuals and their behaviors. Is is a very common practice and requires many years of schooling to acquire a degree. Industrial and organizational psychology, or I/O psychology, is the study of the science of psychology involved in the workplace. This study helps companies recruit, train, and also create safe environments with their employees. It uses different types of research for employee development and also what a company is doing wrong or right. Other ways I/O psychology can be useful is by downsizing or expanding a company. I/O psychology includes two divisions; the industrial and the organizational. The industrial division is focused on the efficiency and the organizational division focuses on the well-being of employees. The demand for I/O psychology is low because it is not a position in every workplace. The ones who do attain this degree either work for consulting firms, government, or private corporations. Some states even require a license to be able to practice this. This can leave smaller companies doing their own research which is not always reliable because biased views are possible. This type of psychology is very important because of the affects it can have towards a company.
The 1999 comedy film “Office Space” is about a 28-year-old computer programmer named Peter Gibbons who ends up having a mid-life crisis. His cubicle is closely connected to other colleagues which makes him…

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