Working Experience Is More Important Than Education Essay

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Working Experience is More Important than Education
It's been a question that society has debated for a long time. Does education or work experience provide the most benefits and therefore hold more importance for children and society as a whole? Many people believe that it's the most important for children to spend time becoming highly educated so that they can obtain great jobs. Others believe that children and adults should gain work experience instead because this will lead to better jobs. Both sides have their benefits and their support. However it's the goal of this paper to inform that work experience plays a larger, and more important role in the ability of children to grow and adults to locate a job upon their graduation or
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They understood that knowing how to do a job in actual practice was more important than understanding the proper steps in theory. Why is that? Well the reason that knowing how to do a job through work experience is the better option is because the person learns how to complete the job for real (Investopedia, 2011). Anyone can learn how the process of fixing a car should work according to a book however, it takes real skill to be able to do so in practice because there are so many variables that you need to be able to understand and react to. A book can't teach you those things. Through work experience, someone will learn how to do the things they will actually be doing in a job (Smith, 2006).
Work experience can help children and adults alike to learn the things that they need in order to support themselves. Whenever someone chooses to switch their doctor or mechanic they want someone that has experience. Not only do they want experience but they want someone that has been working in that job for a lot of years. That's because they associate years of work experience with knowledge of how to do the job. They don't consider a new college graduate, who has spent years and thousands of dollars on their education, to be as knowledgeable about what needs to be done.
According to Donata L.f you're looking for a job in nearly any field the company often wants you to have experience in the field (2011). Even jobs as waiters and waitresses often require someone

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