Working Conditions For A Construction Manager

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Career Research Paper

The career I want to research about is contruction. I have great interest in building or creating new structures. As a child I loved putting things together to make new things. Since then Construction has been my favored career when I grow old. One of my goals when I achieve my goal is to build my own house, the way I want it to be. My father owns his own Construction company. I was told that if I graduate and pursue my dream in construction that he will pass down the whole company to me. And loving to build things and having a huge head start when I graduate, almost feels like a dream come true to me.
For the past couple years my dad has been taking me to his work, showing me all he does as a boss to keep his business
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Since you are the boss of the job site you tell people what to do. That cuts down on many hands on work hours. Your focus is more on the money perspective of a job site. You can go to multiple job sites once a day to talk to owners on how and when they want jobs done. From there it’s your job to make hours for your workers and buy materials needed to get the job done. Where you work depends where you get hired to do a job, mostly in the local area where your company originates. Your location of your company may also vary on what type of work you specialize in, you might be only good for stone work, so most of your jobs will only be located in a certain spot of a city or town. Other than that you go back and fourth job sites.
Your typical day is much less costly to those who work for you. You can wake up at later hours and buy yourself a cup of coffee before work. This doesn 't mean slacking on the job, then it 's your own money coming out of your pocket. Being the boss of your company comes with perks you can have vacations when you want but risk losing
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Depending on the economy and locally how many people actually hire construction companies will also play a role on how much your salary will be. If I want to have a construction company in an urban location my chances or having a higher salary will be greater than a rural location where construction work is less needed. This because urban locations have much more people logically this means more homes, yet this doesn 't always mean higher pay on the start competitors for customers can present a problem if you 're a newly made business. You might have all the experience to work but older companies might have control of many customers. Construction Manager jobs should increase by 17% says the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics through 2020. New construction projects will be created due to new efficiency and power saving buildings, new roads, bridges, and other infrastructures that will contribute to construction manager job growth. Individuals with Bachelor 's Degree will be expected to excel in salary earnings through 2020 too also says

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