Working At Women 's Peak Performance Coaching Essay

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Paper #2 From marketing to business administration, I have had my skills tested when it comes to working at Women 's Peak Performance Coaching. From the last few months that I have spent at Women 's Peak Performance Coaching I have done a lot of jobs and projects for my employer, but the following three work samples are examples that I really think express what I do at WPPC and the extent of my impression on this company. I think that these tasks serve as a valuable way to show my skills that I have developed thanks to Shan White and her coaching and mentoring.
ACT EMAIL MARKETING CAMPAIGNS One of the main responsibilities that I have to complete at Women 's Peak Performance Coaching is to perform weekly email marketing campaigns in order to keep our clients up to date with Shan’s newest written articles, coaching specials, and promotion opportunities. I regularly develop and send email marketing campaigns through ACT to different marketing segments such as certified divorce financial analysts, family divorce attorneys, executive women in business, journalists, media outlets, reporters, and real estate divorce specialists. I also send referral solicitations to these market segments, in order to try to get more people who promote her business while also offering people opportunities to share her business with others. The following is an example of an actual template Shan had me design for the new market segment that I discovered within my first month of coaching,…

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