Working At Pig Newton 's Work Essay example

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Over the seven-week field work term I worked as an assistant to a casting director, Gayle Keller and her associate, Alison Kirschner, at Louie C.K.’s company, Pig Newton. Gayle has casted many television shows and movies, such as Louie Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck. While casting is very fun, it is a very time sensitive, stress-inducing job that includes a lot of research. Working at Pig Newton was interesting, informative, and fun, but it also made clear of my interests and my needs in the working field.
At the beginning of term, Gayle had me doing a lot of printing, and filing of deal memo’s. These deal memo’s are the employment agreements that contained who we were hiring and their information such as where they live, their phone numbers, and their social security numbers, what the actor is being hired to do, what they are being paid, their work days, and other miscellaneous details.
Once I filed the deal memo’s, I had to fill out a station twelve, which is a paper sent to SAG-AFTRA, the screen actors union. If we hadn’t used the actor before, I had to write down their social security number, their name, the date they would start working, and their role group. And when finished, the station twelve was sent into SAG-AFTRA. The station twelve’s purpose was to keep in track of working actors. If an actor was not a part of the union, they would need a waiver to let them work. Actors only get a certain amout of waviers until they must join the union. The station twelve tells us if…

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