Working At A Sex Shop Essay

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The most interesting part about working at a sex shop was the people. It was always interesting to see who came into the shop and why they came in. A lot came in because they wanted to try something new with their partners. Some came in to get things for their friend’s birthdays and others came in for their own pleasure. It was always fun answer questions for beginners and showing them the safest and sometimes most tame products that newbies might want to try. It was the best job a guy could ask for, at least that’s how Ryan saw it.
It was a rainy day and he sat on the front counter looking through the catalog of new products. He was supposed to pick new things for the shop but business had been slowly lately. He had no idea what to pick with such a limited idea of what would sell. He let out a loud sigh as the bells near the door went off. He turned with a smile on his face.
“Hello!” He saw a young man in a hoodie, completely drenched. He slid his hood off hand saw he had dark short hair and had glasses on his face.
“Uhh hi. I hope you don’t mind me just popping in. The rain is ridiculous out there.” He spoke kind of softly.
“No trouble. It’s not really the busiest time of the day right now anyway.” Ryan chuckled. “Have a look around, see if there’s something you might like.” Ryan told him as he walked into the back.

Ray didn’t move and inch. He didn’t want to come inside this place but because of the rain and barely being able to see in front of himself, he rushed…

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