Essay Working At A Movie Theater

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Working at a Movie theatre, I am provided which lots of chances to see lots of different movies, so for this paper I decided to go with“300”. The Movie 300 is able the Battle of Thermopyale which is a battle that took place between the greek city states. It was Persian Empire led by Xerxes I, who was known for having a huge and strong army vs Sparta who was led by King Leonidas who was known for being extremely versed in the art of war, but lacked in terms of numbers. Spartans were good at war due to the location of civilization. They were located in an area which left them completely vulnerable to attack so spent all of their time focusing on war and fighting so they were known for being extremely skilled in military tactics, but lacking in every other aspect. The Persians on the other hand were very wealthy people and while they didn’t have the crazy amount of military training as the Spartans they were still able to take over a majority of the city-states in that area. From what we learned in class, we can classify this war as an Interstate, System Level war. Another thing, we discussed was that war in movies isn’t always true to the things that are going on in actual war. 300 is one of the few movies that stayed closely true to the battle. For the most, the battle that occurred in the movie 300 was extremely similar to the actual Battle of Termopyale. The only major difference between the two is that in the movie they make it seem as though Sparta was battling Persia…

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