Working As A Verification Specialist Essay

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Working as a Verification Specialist gives me the great opportunity to manage and to train employees. This position requires me to have the control and responsibility to do all the tasks when my supervisor is not in the office. At times when I am acting supervisor, subordinates follow my instructions and tasks that are given. My tasks include printing documents, coding, auditing, delivering it to designated individuals, and also working on enrollments and urgent cancelation requests. This requires workers to do a high demand of work in eight-hour work day. My work priorities are to read the emails or faxes received, archive emails, and code them, along with any other tasks given by my supervisor. I reply to the emails, so employers, brokers, and employees know that his or her request has been completed after entering all the information and enrolling, canceling or adding dependents which is a time-consuming process.
The main four issues that lie within my organization are that there is not enough time to complete tasks, the high amount of tasks, the lack of compensation or benefits, and the job expectations of my position. The main reason this position is needed is because there needs to be a higher amount of efficiency and reduce tension in the organization. Personally, these issues affect my work life balance and cause high stress in the workplace. I am sure that if I have somebody who is my assistant, we can work as a team and accomplish more in less time. I…

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