Working Adult Students Essay

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Jose Navarro#18
ESL 827 JC
Draft #4

High School Experience The teenage years are some of the most important stages in everyone’s life because that’s when we all start a new chapter in our lives, which is difficult and very interesting at the same time. The teen years are exciting because that’s when we begin to somehow take control of our lives by making our own decisions and making our own choices about what we’d like to do or how we want things to be according to where we are, and where we want to go in the future. When we enter the teenage years and we start going to high school, we feel more independent and want to do things our way, like changing the way we dress, act, hang out with friends, and the way we
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On the weekends we used to hang out at my parents cabin out of town or at his place with his family, which most people loved because they’re wonderful (AC). We were always close in good and bad times. Knowing Refugio was such great blessing for me because he has always been a truly friend, and a great support for any occasion (PASS). I can always count on him when I need a favor or just to talk about whatever is on my mind. That’s one of the things I’m grateful for from high school. I really enjoyed every single day hanging out with Refugio. In addition about meeting my best friend. I also met Yadira, my first girlfriend. I remember how much fun we had together every since we met in freshman year. I remember the first time I saw her in school during break time. She was with her friends, and I noticed that she had being looking towards my direction (PASS). I was nervous and didn’t know what to do until Refugio told me to go talk to her, so I decided to go. I talked to her, and we got along very well. After that we started seeing each other on every break we had, and at the end of class. Sometimes we used to go to have lunch or ice cream at the downtown shopping center and spend a good time having fun. After that, I took her home and went to mine to do my homework or study for the next day class. Unfortunately, we broke up after a couple of years and we both

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