Workaholism: A Social Problem of The Present Essay

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Manoj Adhikari

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Date: 12/05/2012

Workaholism: A Social Problem of The Present


In the modern society, the problem of workaholism is quite acute. According to studies, most strongly this illness affects employees in Japan and the UK; this issue is relevant for the well.

There have always been people who work more than others and could not imagine their life without work. However, with the commercialization of society, their number has increased dramatically. In the period of rapid development of new technologies and intense competition in almost all professional fields, there are more and more people who dedicate to work and career making a lot of time. First of all,
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Short vacations in the U.S. are one of the causes of the high-efficient economy, as employers reduce the operating costs by squeezing from the employees “all the juice”.

Raksha Arora in her article “Are Americans Really Abject Workaholics?” has mentioned that although American employees work longer hours than other countries, they are still more likely to express “complete” satisfaction, which is contrast to their counterparts in Britain and Canada. Arora mentioned that 40% of Americans are likely to work more than 40 hours and are satisfied with their jobs, which provide them with the opportunity for promotion (Arora).

Workaholism is a socially approved addiction. In a society, long ago, there was a stereotype that the more a person works, the better it is for all. However, “workaholism” is dependence, which is often found invisible, slipping out of the view not only of the common man but also of professionals. This is because the society makes workaholism normal. But if it is an addiction, it means the person has a psychological dependence. Workaholism affects all spheres of the life: family, relationships with colleagues, friends, etc. As a result, if a workaholic does not receive a professional help, that person will gradually step back from the society and will dis-adapt professionally and socially.

Immigrants works more hours than native Americans

It’s good that people work more than 40 hours in order to pay their bills

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