Essay about Work, Power and Energy

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Expriment 4: Work, Power and Energy

Department of Math and Physics
College of Science, University of Santo Tomas
Espana, Manila Philippines

Abstract Two activities were performed in this experiment. For the first activity, the weights of the different members of the group were each computed and were used in order to determine how much work and power each member exerted in climbing up and down the stairs while being timed. From the data obtained, it is apparent that as one is faster, more power and work is exerted. For the determination of energy of a tossed ball, the data obtained shows that potential energy is inversely proportional to kinetic energy.

1. Introduction

Work, Power, and Energy are three words that are
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The mass of the first and second member is 50 multiplied by 9.8 resulting to 490N. The same was done to the other group members getting the weight 542N, 550N and 549N for member 3, 4 and 5 respectively. Work on the other hand was computed by multiplying the vertical distance between second floor and third floor which is 4.815m by the weight of each group member getting the results shown on Table 1. The work in going up is the same as the work exerted in going down only that the work in going up is negative work. For the power output, the power output in going down is greater than the output in going up. This is because the time to go down was faster than the time to go up. If you want to climb at faster rate then you need higher power which can be very tiring because climbing a stair opposes motion.

5. Conclusion

The conservation of mechanical energy can be determined by multiplying the force exerted by a person to the displacement. This was demonstrated by going up and down the stairs. As for the relationship of kinetic energy to potential energy, as an object is thrown upwards the kinetic energy decreases while the potential energy increases. And lastly, the power output of a person going up the stairs id greater than when the person is going downstairs due to the amount of force needed to go against the pull of gravity as the height increases.

6. Applications

1. Compare the work that you

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