Work on Aims and Objetives of Tesco Essay

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Functional Areas

Functional areas are groups within an organisation which enable a business to run effectively. Functional areas make the business work. There are different functional areas for different parts of the business for example there is a Human Resources department which are responsible for work involving the staff of a business. I have decided to mainly focus on Tesco’s functional areas but I will list the functional areas of The Gateway Academy as well.
Tesco have many functional areas within the business. These functional areas enable Tesco to function properly. The functional areas of Tesco are:
Customer Service
Finance and accounts
Human Resources
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The Gateway Academy
The Gateway Academy is the second business that I am looking at in terms of functional areas. This is a contrasting business to Tesco as it is not in the private sector but the public. This means that the Gateway Academy is about providing a service and not necessarily about making a profit. The functional areas are:
Student Services – This is the department or functional are in the school where students can go if they need help with anything, they deal with passes, sickness and other student issues. They work with the teaching functional area very closely as they must be informed if students are missing from class.

Human Resources – Human resources is very similar to that of Tesco. They carry out the same roles in the school such as hiring and firing staff. From what my teacher has said, he said there is a high turnover of staff in the Gateway Academy. Things may be done slightly different that Tesco but the manage the staff overall.

Finance and accounts – Again finance is very similar to Tesco’s functional area of finance. They take care of the money, transactions and budgets. The main difference is that The Gateway Academy doesn’t really sell products, all their money is given from funding. The finance department’s main roles include setting budgets, tracking orders and mainly balancing up the finances.

Administration – Admin is in charge all the paper side

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