Work Of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Committee Initiative On The Future Of Nursing

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Work of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Committee Initiative on the Future of Nursing Robert wood Johnson foundation (RWJF) committee has great role on the health status of Americans, which focuses on the health issues that require immediate attention and other health issues facing in the country. It has been working with many organizations and individuals to find the optimal quality of solutions, obtain comprehensive and measurable care. RWJF has substantial role to minimize the rate of childhood obesity by providing an access to healthy foods and exercise. It also supports the policies and initiatives to promote the affordable health care coverage. It has excellent benefits for retirement and medical plan. In addition, it provides funds for the elimination of poverty, quality improvement and training of health care workers, clean air, violence free society and others. Moreover, RWJF has crucial role on the health status of people by focusing on prevention, treatment and evaluation of overall health status (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, n. d). Nursing profession is the largest workforce in healthcare setting and they work to promote the health status, prevent disease and provide quality care based on scientific research. Nurses provide care to the patients in all areas of health care such as home care, clinics, community, hospitals and others. It is most important to expand the critical role of nurses towards patient care. RWJF has been…

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