`` Words Will Break Cement : The Passion Of Pussy Riot Essay

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Michelle Vilenchik-Concert Report- Words Will Break Cement:The Passion of Pussy Riot
Section 1A: Thesis: Masha Gessen, in her book “Words Will Break Cement: The Passion of Pussy Riot,” follows the women of the band, Pussy Riot during their prison sentence. Their crime? Protesting the disapproval of LGBT exposure, freedom of speech and feminist culture through the punk-rock voice. Their backlash depicted the inevitable protest of the Russian oppressive rule and brought forth the divide between artistic expression and the Putin administration.
B. Prologue: IK-14: In this chapter, the author, Masha Gessen is visiting the Pussy Riot member, Nadya in a penal colony in Russia, known as IK-14. Nadya has been imprisoned in this colony for one year and has another year to follow, in order to serve out her sentence. The prologue goes into extensive detail discussing the consistencies and the troubles of Nadya’s new life, including the censorship and restriction of reading material and the fight over sewing machines. Furthermore, the author emphasizes Nadya’s feelings of difference from the other imprisoned women in the penal colony.
One. Nadya: In this chapter, Masha Gessen tells us about Nadya’s upbringing and gives us a hint of insight with regards to what influenced the impromptu performance in the cathedral, which she referred to as “a punk rock prayer for freedom.” Also, the author tells us of the struggles that she faced when it came to communicating with Nadya in the penal…

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