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Whenever I am asked who inspired myself to become an educator there is always one person that comes to my mind, Mrs. Toloskiewich. She was my second grade teacher at Oakwood Elementary School. Mrs. Toloskiewich was the teacher that made some kind of impact of each and every one of her students whether it was helping them find their talents and skills, or like myself, showing them their true calling in life. It was in her classroom at the young age of seven, that I made the decision to become a teacher that was going to change lives, and I give all of my thanks to her.
There are so many words to describe a teacher like herself, but just a few are thoughtful, devoted, enthusiastic, passionate, and remarkable. I have so many wonderful memories
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Toloskiewich is when she saw an academic gift in myself, and did everything in her power to push me to those intellectual abilities. Within the first few months at the school she had me tested and later enrolled in the gifted program. She was the type of teacher that took the time to get to know her students on a personal level outside of test scores and grades, which allowed her to come to understand some of the hidden abilities of the students in her class. By seeing something in me that I did not set a tone for the rest of my academic career. I am now the student that does not settle for any less than my best, and I will never turn in work unless it is up to the high standards that was set in her classroom. She always set high expectations for every student, and did not stop until everyone was successful in surpassing these goals. She was dedicated and never gave up on anyone. The lessons in her class were engaging and fun. She took the time to create and incorporate thoughtful activities to help us learn some of the more challenging topics presented in second grade. Mrs. Toloskiewich arrived early to school and stayed late to ensure that every student received all the help and resources they needed to be a successful

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