Essay on Words Are Not Just Sound

1247 Words May 5th, 2015 5 Pages
There is almost nothing words cannot do. Words are influential; and they are not simply just letters written on a sheet of paper. They can be used to say or do things, both moral and immoral. Words have an impact, whether it is miniscule or massive. They are not thoughts because they don’t float around. The words of one’s lips can be said in many ways, but they can mean the same thing. This can happen vice versa as well. They can be said the same way and interpreted differently. A word is a sound, or the written form of a sound, which people of any particular area have agreed shall mean a certain thing, action, feeling or thought. However, words are not just sound, and not just a language; they are power and actions. Words can be used to make beautiful creations in this world that set apart the human race. First of all, words create goodness because words themselves, are a mastery of language that sets humans apart from the animal world. This results in creation, innovation and inspiration. Words are tags to identify certain objects, ideas, actions, or characteristics. They have been preserved through both written and verbal forms throughout generations of humans. Words link the mind to the outside world and represent the intellect of oneself. In its simplest form, words are the basis of communication. Another example of the goodness in words is how it empowers good actions. Well-chosen words can inform, influence, educate and entertain others. They can evoke rich images…

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