Woolworths Eco: What Is The Least Permeable?

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The experiment’s results reveal that Woolworths Eco is the least permeable brand of toilet paper out of the available four toilet paper brands, as it is over 3 times less permeable than the most permeable toilet paper, the Woolworths Home Brand. The data also reveals that the School Brand is the second-most permeable brand of toilet paper, making Emporium to be the second-least. There does not seem to be any trends in the data: the cost, weight and effect of the toilet paper have no relation to each other, possibly because permeability isn’t considered to be a vital property of toilet paper. Furthermore, the data shows that two brands are less permeable than the school brand, but since permeability isn’t an important factor in dictating quality, it is unlikely that this experiment will give any reason to change the toilet paper brand the school uses for its bathrooms.

This result does not support the stated hypothesis of Emporium being the least permeable, as it had an average of 36.67 drops while Woolworths Eco had an average of 57 drops. There is no real evidence to say why the brand is the least permeable, although it can be presumed it's
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The main one is the inconsistency of the drops – some drops were small and were counted as a full drop, while some drops were larger than usual, causing the actual number of drops to be incorrect. Additionally, the person who operated the dropper switched from trial to trial, and this caused the size of the drops to switch from small to large. This caused the group to repeat some trials to make the person operating the dropper to be consistent. Finally, some drops weren’t dropped exactly into the middle, again causing the actual number of drops to be incorrect. Improvements done during the experiment include the rearrangement of equipment: the 250ml beaker was switched to a plastic cup to make tying on the rubber band

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