Woodrow Wilson And The Progressive Era Essay

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The political milieu of the early 1900s prepared a stage for the Progressive Era, which dawned on the widespread movement of reforms against social corruptions. The expression of social, political, and economical discontent fueled the interest of the common people. This period presented abundant opportunity, drawing forth support from various leaders who confronted internal and external issues. These progressive presidents included militarist Theodore Roosevelt, his hand-picked successor William Taft, and the intellectual Woodrow Wilson. Under a more public approach to improve regulations, these presidents became the key foundation of the Progressive Era. However, there 's always a concern regarding, where do these presidents rank among the progressive spectrum. After thoroughly analyzing each president 's approaches and actions during this period, I concluded that Woodrow Wilson is the most progressive, closely followed by Theodore Roosevelt, and lastly William Taft.
Starting from the least progressive is William Taft, who embroiled both progressive and conservative ideals. Due to the oppositions of these factor, often times Taft ended up satisfying more toward the conservatives rather than progressives. Nevertheless, Taft did sympathized toward a few political reformers and endorsed some of their objectives. For example, Taft the "Trustbuster" was extremely active in busting trusts during his presidency. In his four years at office, he initiated 90 anti-trust suits,…

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