Essay about Wood Grouse on a High Promontory Overlooking Canada

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Wood Grouse on a High Promontory Overlooking Canada
- analysis and interpretation

The short story Wood Grouse on a High Promontory Overlooking Canada by David Guterson takes place in the mountains between USA and Canada, where two brothers are on a trip together, enjoying nature and doing guy stuff. Guterson uses a first person narrator bound to the 15-year old Bud, whose older brother Gary has just returned home from war and now has taken his little brother out in the wilderness to catch trout, watch the sunset and find the Canadian border. The brothers seem to be fond of each other and enjoy each others company, but the narrator also brings the age difference into focus and the fact that the story is written in the past tense
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“At least we’ve got that,” said Gary. (Line 95-96)

War is ruinous. War is irresponsible. But most of all war is incomprehensible unless you have experienced it yourself. An because of that, it is also almost impossible for soldiers that have gone to war and come back to find someone to talk to and with that come to terms with ones terrible experiences. In his short story Soldiers Home Ernest Hemmingway portraits a soldiers return from World War 1. At first the story’s main character Krebs does not want to talk about what he saw, heard and witnessed but when one day feels the need, his town is not interested in listening. They have heard too many war stories. So Krebs starts to fabricate lies, only small ones, making his experiences seem more interesting. The town is however not particular impressed by his stories. They do not contain “German women chained to machine guns” and Krebs is neither viewed upon as a hero or victim. He is like everybody else. This short story uses humour and irony to show an upturned example of the miscommunication that easily and often evolves between the part that has attended a war and the part that has not. In which way does the soldier want to be greeted and how are we as family and friends meant to react? Pablo Picassos painting Guernica is a great example of the chaos that rules on the

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