Essay about Wonders Of The Brain : The Most Important Organ Of All

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Wonders of the Brain Of the 78 organs in the human body, the brain is indisputably the most important organ of all. From performing basic functions to enabling humans to learn and think in extraordinary manners, the brain does it all. The brain, being the control center and mastermind behind the body, is incredible. However, this fascinating organ has baffled many scientists due to its complexity. In order to understand to decipher and comprehend the brain, it is necessary to understand its importance, how it learns, problems it can encounter, various diseases it can face, and how to maintain its health. The first step towards understanding the brain is to realize its importance as a necessity for the means of survival. Although some organisms like the jellyfish can survive without a brain, it can only perform the most basic functions. So due to more demands that complex creatures face,”most creatures that move around in order to find food have brains”(Powledge 9). By having a brain as a tool to use to find ways to obtain food, the organism ultimately has a better chance at sustaining itself compared to one who cannot find food themselves. The brain is also responsible for “[coordinating] all the body’s activities”(Powledge 9). Such activities include the ability to perform the basic life functions or even enabling one to comprehend things. For instance, one’s brain would enable them to laugh and dream in addition to helping them maintain the body’s homeostasis…

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