The Wonder Of A Women From The Amazon

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This art piece is, “The Wonder Of A Women From The Amazon” by Andrew Cain. It was completed in 2015 and displayed at CSU Stanislaus State Art Gallery. The art piece, now located in CSU Stanislaus State Art Gallery can be viewed straight on when you enter the south door of the gallery. It is an image of Wonder Woman repeated nine times; three images by three images. The image shows the top of Wonder Woman head to her waist. The face of Wonder Woman however is not of a young adult woman, but of a little girl. I chose this art piece because it caught my eye when I first entered the gallery. Another reason I chose this art piece is because I have a little knowledge of who Wonder Woman is. I knew Wonder Woman as a comic heroine when I was little, so I am more comfortable writing about this art piece. This art piece of Wonder Woman is screen print and digital print, and it can only be view from one side because it is hanging on the wall. …show more content…
When I went to look at the art piece, down on the floor below is a picture of a little girl, as I looked back up again at the image I could see the face of the little girl. The face of Wonder Woman however is very faded. You can’t really see the face from far away. The artwork is a comic theme because on the background of Wonder Woman are comical scenes with some text bubbles. In Andrew Cain, “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up”, he stated that the artworks in this series deals with connections in people through personal interest and recollection of childhood memory. I believe that the image of Wonder Woman must be a personal interest and memory of the picture of the little girl on the floor. I also believe that the reason Cain want to depict this image was because he wanted to share the memory of the little girl to

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