Women 's Workplace Attitudes, Beliefs, And Behaviors Toward Women

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According to The Implications of Marriage Structure for Men’s Workplace Attitudes, Beliefs, and Behaviors toward Women, three-quarters of American women are employed full-time and 79% of men have at some point of their lives worked for a woman (1). However, prior to 1967 women working full time were 60% less than it is today (2). The lack of women in the workforce was a phenomenon for hundreds of years and although there is a significant increase in women’s employment, the mentality of traditional gender roles remains. The traditional gender roles of men being the sole earner for their family and women taking care of the family have unfortunately resulted in men devaluing women’s role in the workplace (4). In western societies, the idea of success is predominantly measured by income and the breadwinner possesses the ultimate power. Many men feel entitled to a higher position even in the face of more qualified women as they continue to strongly adhere to the ideas of traditional gender roles.

Women are often in disadvantaged positions at work as they are surrounded by male colleagues with traditional marriages, where the wife is a housewife and the husband provides for the family (6). In my opinion, the problem is not the structure of traditional marriages, but that the stay at home wife is undermined for her role of taking care of the family. The devaluation of women’s role at home results in the same attitude towards women at work and, therefore, it is no surprise that…

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