Women 's Views On Women Essay

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Philosophy on Women Women are seen from many different perspectives by philosophers. Plato, Aquinas, and Aristotle each expressed their opinions on women and women 's’ roles in society differently. Plato believed that women should be treated as property of man and not as individuals. Aristotle taught that women had some use, but are very low class of the society classes compared to the males. Aquinas on the other hand believed and taught that women are not superior to men, but have a social status as being a part of society because women were made from man. Each philosopher continues to influence society’s view on women through their teachings today. Plato seems to have been very inconsistent on his views on women and their roles. Plato taught that women should be considered property of men and amount to nothing else in society. On the other hand, in Plato’s idea of a republic, Plato stated that women should be educated equally to the males, but only for the highest of functions. Many people believe that Plato meant that women should not be excluded from society completely, but the women that show signs of being a successful guardian should be given the same education as the males in order to fulfill the job of being a guardian. Plato taught, “women as a class are inferior to men as a class.” In
Book III of the Republic, Plato stated that women are to be considered weaker in everything as well as are more cowardly than the males. Although Plato…

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