Women 's Views On Women Essay examples

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Nowadays, women still strenuously fight for themselves after decades of demanding their rights. The chief operating officer of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg tells her own story in “Lean in: What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid?” (“They say I say”) to demonstrate her view on women’s position in the workplace today. Although women are equal to men in society nationwide, women are limited in achieving all of their goals because they cannot overcome their numerous fears, do not have high ambition in leadership, and have not learned to overcome the bias toward women’s value in the workplace. Therefore, Sandberg motivates women, especially young ones, to do things that they always want to do and to have more ambitions for their career. I do agree with her regarding women’s fears and the disrespect they experience and I believe that women need support to become braver and more ambitious for their dreams. Still, there is a small thing that I differ from her opinions: I do think women have high ambition like men do. The fact that women of color experience more discrimination than white women do is another issue that many antiracists and feminists point out, yet Sandberg does not talk about it. In my opinion, it is truly important because it limits women of color’s ability to promote themselves. Nevertheless, her essay truly impresses me.
In the past, a daughter and a son were treated differently in a family. A boy was esteemed highly in both education and career. It is completely…

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