Essay about Women 's Views On Women

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Belenky propose that women have different ways of growing and knowing, generally characterized in different content then men. For women, their identity is linked to romantic relationships, connection with others that could develop their personality traits and intimacy, rather than not being a separate self-defined individual. They prefer cooperation by forming open communication, instead of competition. Women view moral decisions as being based on an ethic of caring. They do not view ethic of justice in the same manner or tradition. Additionally, two important factors for women is that their relationships are the core of their human being, identity along with intimacy are issues of great importance. Women 's development usually does not follow the same patterns as males, instead they follow their own singular patterns.

Belenky concept was that men are generally socialized or raised from birth for leadership roles and usually have an authoritative style. Women are there to support individuals or to take care of people that are close to their heart. Society defines and approve what is normal or natural for each gender. They then associated with what feminine is or what masculine is for men. For example, men personality traits are associate with dominant western cultural norms. These involves achievement, self- individualism, success or power, and self-sufficiency, these traits are then given masculine labels or phrases. Both men and females are define by different ideals…

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