Women 's Suffrage Rights And The Beginning Of Sexual Equality

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History was made in the United States when the 19th Amendment was added to the U.S Constitution in 1920.1 Though the new piece of legislation marked the beginning of women’s suffrage rights and the beginning of sexual equality, the U.S has since then made small, tiny steps in moving towards a more equal nation. In a nation where women represent over 50.8% of the total population, it is a curiosity as to why society remains dominated by male ideology.3 Though the United States has been in recent years a supporter of democracy and equality with respect to the world, it has neglected over-seeing equality enacted within its own borders. The basis for such sexual discrimination lies largely with traditionally held values concerning gender roles, the objectification of women, and the lack of ambition women have to seize power. The United States has always been a land where the minority represents the majority and gender inequality is no stranger to this. Whether one can find acts of gender discrimination in everyday normal conversation or from the embedded messages that are encoded within the news from the media, “women today are still in every way subordinate [inferior] to men before the law, in the professions, in the church, in industry, and in the home.”[Site] In contemporary America, no woman can truly be compared to a man as equal for American society is a society largely driven by tradition and testosterone.
Gender role is defined as “the public image of being male or…

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