Women 's Social Status Is Too High For Girls Essay

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For those interested in improving their social status, wanting confidence, and desire to have that beautiful Barbie body should STOP! Say ‘goodbye’ to that thought, and say ‘hello’ to that beautiful person standing in the mirror staring back at thyself. Being perfect is the pressure that is forced upon women, teens, preteens, and even young girls. Society’s standards are too high for girls, and that pressure is forced onto them to become someone they’re not, rather than to be happy. Appearance is what most females spend hours in the mirror perfecting, but every minute spent in that mirror lowers their self-esteem. “Ninety percent of pre-teens are unhappy with their bodies and have taken a dangerous path into losing weight. Half of that percentage has taken pills from ‘Alli’, (an over the counter medication) to ‘Hydroxycut’, (a weight loss vitamin that was recalled and banned for causing hepatitis and jaundice) and to the last result of starvation” (FDA MedWatch2009). Seeing older women participating in these life threatening actions sets a horrible example for younger girls. Through a “test in 2006, young girls were asked about how they feel in their bodies; forty percent of these girls’ ages six to ten wish they were thinner and have started dieting. As a result, one out of those ten girls will end up having an eating disorder by the time she reaches high school” (Dr. Sheri Findlay). ‘Perfection’ is unhealthy for developing girls, and studies show that the influence of…

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