Women 's Roles During The World War II Essay

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World War II changed many different aspects of the United States. One aspect that changed were women’s roles. Because of WWII the roles of women changed drastically, more women joined the workforce and proved that they were able to work in “male industries”. Women also gained many things through WWII, like less of a wage gap, less gender gaps in the workforce, and the debarring of the marriage bar.

Before World War II many women were stay at home mothers, or housewives. Men were employed and made up most of the workforce as women stayed home cooking, cleaning, and were left to raise the children. As little as 23 percent of all women in the United States were employed in the 30s. (Goldin, 2008). During educational programs for youth the girls were taught how to be hospital aides and housewives.(MuseumCA). Some states even had Marriage bars that kept married women from working, this happened often after World War I ended. Marriage bars restricted married women from employment, sometimes even widowed women with children were considered to be married, which prevented them from working. (Wikipedia, 2002). (Baughman, 2001). Even if a woman was employed, they worked administrative and clerical jobs and were paid less than men.This was called Pink-collar work. Work that was in the service industry and was usually referred to as the “women’s industry” (Wikipedia, 2002). The average years pay in the 30s was $525 for women and $1,027 for men., which is an enormous wage gap at…

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