Women 's Roles And Roles Of Women Essay

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Today’s American society, allows some level of flexibility when it comes to the acting out of their gender roles. Women’s role consists of what class they partake in or choose to place their self in. Woman may place themselves in the independent, housewife, workaholics, and or party animal group. The average independent woman consists of having their “own” without a man around. The housewife’s main occupation is running/managing her family 's home for the children and husband to the household needs. The workaholic women usually have no time for man or kids considering all they embrace to do are work 24/7. The party animal women just yearn to have fun and not have the responsibility of a family. Not only do women today have a specific role, but women during Natives times also had multiple ones. The role of women in Native American cultures varied more than the roles of women within Europe. The rights that women had within North America varied, but women did have more power and privileges than the women across the country back then. The roles and activities of indigenous women occupied within Native cultures were supporting and taking care of their family and tribal needs, were Great Spirts, helped build, warned the tribe of danger, became warriors, farmers, and also crafts women. During creation, according to creationist, in Genesis 1 (of the bible (v. 27)) God’s first words that subjects men and women is that they inhabited equally…

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