Women 's Roles And Roles Of The Victorian Era Essay

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During the late 19th century Victorian era, women’s roles and positions are portrayed as dependent, devoted to families, and home-loving. As time goes on, the term “New Woman” was introduced. This “New Woman” moved away from the stereotypical woman during the Victorian era. “New Woman” was educated, intelligent, and independent. One novel that represents these two types of women is Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Two female characters in the novel are Mina Murray Harker and Lucy Westenra. Both Mina and Lucy represent the typical woman in the Victorian era; however, as the story moves on, Mina transform from the Victorian woman to “New Woman.” Mina has characteristics of both the Victorian woman and “New Woman.” As a typical woman in the Victorian era, Mina is restricted by repressive society and the men. As a “New Woman,” Mina challenges the conventions of the late 19th century Victorian society. Furthermore, Mina is the real hero of Dracula. She is the real hero in terms of she is the essential character during when Van Helsing’s people traveled to kill Count Dracula; however, she is the real hero because she was brave enough to go against the traditional role of women and becomes a new type of women. Throughout the novel, two primary females, Lucy Westenra and Mina Murray Harker, represent the stereotypical women during the Victorian era. One of the characteristics of the Victorian era women is that they are dependent, especially to males. After when Lucy was bitten by Dracula,…

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