Women 's Roles And Rights Of Victorian England Essay

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Women’s roles and rights in Victorian England:
Women’s roles in Victorian Era were practically the same in all the classes: stay home and live life around their kids and husband. A woman in the Nobility class, or the highest class, was typically highly educated as well as very pampered. Her primary role was to train the young women to be proper women. The women of the middle class were not as educated if at all and were expected to help promote the family business but mainly try as hard as possible to marry into the noble class. A woman in the upper working class worked as a tradeswoman, a house keeper, or a governess. Finally, the women in the Lowest class took up professions such as prostitution, and other physically demanding jobs. In all of these classes, women did not have the right to vote, own property, or sue.

Class structure in Victorian England:
There were four classes in Victorian England: the Nobility and Gentry, the Middle class, the Upper working class and the Lower working class. People in each of their respective classes should not migrate or change from one class to another.

Education and the lives of children in Victorian England:
Education was seen as important but not as important as having a kid being able to bring in money or food. This lead many kids to work in factories until the Education Act of 1870 was put into play. The Education act allowed more students to attend schools but still, most girls did not attend schools and instead stayed at home…

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