Women 's Role For Women Essay

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Women were stereotyped as housewives and primary care for children; men were the labors and the main source of income. Women have been progressing throughout the years moving into male dominated jobs and acquiring a degree. Men and women are brought up in different ways and better at certain skills. Recent years stereo types have change and women have been allowed to work in male dominated jobs and gain an education but still struggle with how people perceive a woman in the work place. Women are struggling with stereotypes, and perceived as not being efficient as men in a male dominated job. Women stereotypes have caused problems for women to be successful and independent. They were brain washed in their childhood to be house wives and care for their husband’s children. Women were seen as sick and needed help if they had more than three hours of intelligent thinking each day. Since men were the labors and brought home money women had no choice but to stay home and care for the children, make dinner, clean the house, and do laundry. Still to this day women are perceived as housewives and unemployed but some are single mothers and must work to provide a living and take care of the children. Women excel at some jobs due to their multitasking skills. Of those people who did believe in gender differences, the majority (80%) believed that women are better at multitasking (as cited in Saameitat, Hamaida, Tulley, Saylik, & Otermans, 2015, p. 18). Women started going to school…

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