Essay on Women 's Role For Women

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Women had a very important job in Germany during National Socialism, to marry a German man and bear many German children. However, marriage was only to be about having children. Women were expected to be good wives to their husbands, good mothers to their children, and keep the house clean. Not only this but, women were encouraged to have as many children as they could to fix the falling birth rate and create a strong nation. The Nazis wanted women to believe that having very many children was a very important job. In fact, it was seen to be just as important as the men fighting on the battlefield. Young German girls were also seen to be very important because they would become mothers in the future. There was an expectation that women were to make their children and husband a top priority, even above themselves. In order to promote the idea that motherhood is of the upmost importance, the Nazis had many laws, programs, propaganda, and role models for women to create a desire within them for having many Aryan children. The Nazis had a very specific reason as to why they wanted women to have many children, more children meant a stronger nation. And a stronger nation meant that they were superior to all other nations which is exactly what Hitler was trying to do. As Germany grew, they would need more boys to become soldiers and more girls to become mothers. Before Hitler and the Nazis came into power, the birth rate was falling in Germany. He wanted Germany to have a very…

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