Women 's Role For Gender Equality Within Sports Essay

755 Words Nov 2nd, 2015 4 Pages
There is no question that throughout society, women have faced overt challenges within sports. This is including women joining various sports that are identified as masculine, sports journalism, and more. However, since the installation of Title IX, there has been an increase of women’s involvement within both institutional and unconventional athletics. Though there has been substantial improvement perpetuated sexism within sports, there is still a strong fight against the patriarchy in present day. To begin, Title IX was instituted in 1972 in efforts to promote gender equality within education, but especially sports within educational institutions. Prior to Title IX, there were very few women represented in sports. If they were in sports, it was in traditionally feminine ones such as softball, gymnastics, and similar ones. Additionally, women were never granted athletic scholarships despite their abilities, skills, and academics. Today, the number of women in sports has grown substantially due to Title IX, specifically at the high school level. There are some misconceptions associated with Title IX. For example, if a school does not receive government funding, they are not legally required to follow the Title IX regulations. Furthermore, the civil rights law is not only applied to sports sex discrimination, but also sexual violence in the school systems. This is applicable to all genders. Title IX is written very broadly, creating legality issues and loopholes for the…

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