Women 's Role During Wwii Essay

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“I, too, had early military training...They reluctantly allowed me to join (mainly because the ammunition was baked to rock hardness on my family 's laundry stove) — but only as a nurse”(Starbird 14). Women were once only allowed to the house chores however, in WWII this type of society changed. During WWII women were essential to the U.S. war effort through their involvement at home, serving the military, and contributions made by volunteers in the war.
When WWII broke out so many men were shipped out to fight the war that industries switching to war production were forced to hire women to do the jobs men had traditionally held. Rosie the Riveter helped advertise the women’s need to help through the numerous propaganda posters. The author states, "All the day long, Whether rain or shine, She 's a part of the assembly line. She 's making history, Working for victory”(Ayers 688). This conveys Rosie the Riveter posters greatly assisted in changing the society by letting women work in industries and no matter what they were apart of the war just as much as men. During this time, women were finally stepping out of the house and become equal in society by doing all the same work as men. One of the most important contribution of women, was to plant and work the Victory Gardens to produce food to sustain families. The Department of Agriculture as they encouraged women to grow food in what was named “Victory Gardens” and to learn to can as many of their homegrown vegetables as…

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