Women 's Role During The World War II Essay

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World War II brought about a lot of change for women 's roles in the United states; however, after the war most of this positive change revolved back to how it was before the war.
With a lack of men to fill jobs women were needed to replace them. It became more socially accepted for a woman to be in a traditionally male job. Many women began work in factories, and other jobs that would not previously been likely to hire women. Between 1940 and 1945 six million women went to work for the first time. Before the war most women were housewives, with husbands who earned enough money to support them. Women’s relationship with work became more of a “patriotic sacrifice” for the good of the country, than for the good of women. At the time being a woman and not devoting your time to work could be compared to men who avoided the draft. Patience Coster states, “Working was now considered part of being a good citizen, and a working wife was doing her patriotic duty” (“Women in World War II”). Contrasted to before the war, women were now encouraged to work, they gained an independence, an ability to not have to rely on anyone for support, but once the war ended they were encouraged to return their jobs to soldiers.
Both the Army and Navy Nurse Corps had been an important addition to Army and Navy efforts since before World War II. More than 59,000 nurses served during World War II, at home and overseas (Coster, “Women in World War II”). Nurses assisted overseas, in combat…

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