Women 's Rights With The Men Essay

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Activity 6(pp. 22-23): Part I) The author is trying to equal women 's rights with the men. This author believes that useful manpower is going to waste. The author argued that women in other countries like Israel are being drafted into their armies.The author also argued that even if women could not be used on the battlefield, they could be used in less physical jobs. Part II) I do not believe that a man 's abilities are more needed than a woman 's in the military. The military is made of other jobs that work as a team to succeed.

Activity 7(pp. 24-25): 1) In the newspaper I read an article about match and tinder. A person in internet creates a fun and flirty profile on an online dating website. 2) As an audience, I believe many of them profiles are fake and they might emphasize their good attributes and characteristics, but when they met a person, they 're totally different than what they said they are in their profiles. 3) In a community, this artifact emphasizes the importance of relationships in life and having a relationship is a very important thing to have in life. 4) Yes; because in many cases, people find the one whom he or she loves and wants to live with through these sites (Match, Tinder or …) and they’re going to have an amazing life together.
Activity 8(pp. 26-27): Persona) The first college, Franklin College, because it 's been providing educational and career opportunities for more than 160 years,…

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