Essay about Women 's Rights Of Women

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Through the realm of Women’s studies, we investigate the influential women who have fought for women’s rights to ensure a healthy, unbiased and positive environment for future generations. Hillary Clinton has once proclaimed, "Law and traditions that hold back women, hold back entire societies." Hillary Clinton is a recent presidential candidate who’s leading a revolution to surpass the traditional roles of women. Mrs. Clinton not only desires the presidential title, but also intends to motivate and inspire girls and women to strive to achieve their dreams. She preaches the dangers of a sexist society restricting women from maximizing their true potential. This presidential candidate serves to raise awareness to a neglectful society to create a conscientious pathway for our youth. Exploring Hillary’s life we discover her journey into office, barrial encounters, and influential accomplishments.

A Women’s right activist and mother, Hillary Clinton is a woman of many talents.
She is famously known for her many augmentations towards women 's rights and her factions in the government 's national office. Originating from Warsaw, Poland on November 7th, 1867, she’s the eldest with two brothers, Hugh E. Rodham and Anthony Rodham. After law school, Mrs. Clinton held a career in the Children 's Defense Fund. In New Bedford, Massachusetts, She went door-to-door collecting stories regarding the absence of schooling for disabled children. This journey would later reinforce her…

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