Women 's Rights Of Women Essay

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In Society today they’re many problems that people will go through day in and day out without full grasp of it. Poverty and Disease is an example of something our society will continue to struggle with. These type of issues can be hard to take on in life, yet we are constantly reminded of these problems every day. No one takes full control to solve these issues to have a cure or to reduce the problem more than is expected. In addition, another major problem in today’s society is women’s rights. Women back then did not have equal opportunity or a close comparison of rights that men had. Women have battled through the centuries for women’s rights, through symbolism and theme you see the struggles throughout the stories “The Chrysanthemums”, and “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been", but till this day women’s right remain an issue to society. In society women are looked upon as weaker than men and men always know better. Many men take control of women and many don’t believe in women rights. Being a woman is not easy, they face challenges or discrimination from people affecting their future. Women should have the right to live a happy life that they want to live, free from abuse and fear, and have human rights people believe in. “Freedom means the right of people to assemble, organize, and debate openly” (Hilary Clinton) While in the sixteenth century women have faced challenges that were not easy for them. In the sixteenth century women had little to no involvement…

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