Women 's Rights Of Women Essay

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Women have made many advancements throughout the decades. Women have achieved the right to vote, some reproductive rights, rights to an equal education, and even more job opportunities have open up for women. But even in today’s modern time women still have set backs and goals that need to be overcome. Social institutions such as family, education and the workplace are constructed with a particular set of norms, such as rules and expectations that influence women’s actions in today’s time. Unfortunately some of these norms that have been constructed for women are not helping women move forward in women’s movements and “True” equality.
A higher education is not a nicety for women anymore but is defiantly a necessity into today’s modern times for women to survive. One of the major catalysts of the women 's movements was education, with achievements such as Title IX changing the roles for women in society from a passive one to a vital one. Women are doing great for themselves inside of the classroom and in colleges (Hill, C. 2014). “Women are finding themselves equal to men in the classroom. They are taking the same classes. They are in the same colleges.” (Hill, C. 2014). But women have a different physiological mind set in school then men. Sheryl Sandberg video titled "Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders" stated that men overestimated their values on their GPA and women underestimated their GPA value, this is very current and considered “normal” for both men and women…

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